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    Medium density polyethylene floating body how?

    Medium density polyethylene floating body characteristics: resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance and high strength durability, its specific parameters are as follows:

    Relative density: 0.926~0.953,

    Degree of crystallinity: 70%~80%,

    Average molecular weight: 200 thousand,

    Tensile strength: 8~24 mpa,

    Elongation at break: 50%~60%,

    Melting temperature: 126~135,

    Melt flow rate: 0.1~35 g /10 min,

    Hot deformation temperature (0.46 MPa): 49~75,

    The advantages of medium density polyethylene floating body or its characteristics:

    Anti shock waves and strong, compact and reasonable structure, installation is simple and convenient, its durability is excellent is use the floater in the water (SEA) mud pipeline materials of choice for products;

    Good toughness, resistance to environmental stress cracking performance is strong, suitable for the construction of sea and lake.

    Light weight, good wear resistance, easy installation and handling, low transportation cost.

    Four seasons general, corrosion resistance, tolerance to climate change, the use of durable life, is three times the number of steel pontoon,

    The assembly is simple and convenient, flexible and diverse, can be customized;

    Cheap price, price is the leader in the pipeline industry,

    Above a bit enough to prove that the polyethylene floating body is popular with users.

    Binzhou City, the Yellow River hose factory, by virtue of years of research and development production experience, based on the hose industry, long-term accumulation of a large number of high-quality customer, deeply recognized and favored by the majority of users, buy high quality polyethylene float on the election of Binzhou Huanghe rubber hose, buy peace of mind, rest assured!

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